11 March 2010

Last Evening at the Photo Course

Sadly, I attended the last evening of my photo course.

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The evening started by framing and displaying our most beautiful black and white photos of our visit to the Papiermolen.

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The exposition is at Fotogram (http://www.fotogram.nl) zaal 4 from March 2010-May 2010 (give them a call to ask when the room is not used so you can visit the exposition).

We examined the photo albums all the students made from the photos taken for the course. Various album suppliers were used:

Each album had its own characteristics. Hema albums can be ordered in various ways like a booklet or a regular photo album.  We discovered that pages of a Hema album with a certain size (Patricia: how many pages were in your album?) lay flat when opened. The other Hema albums were binded like a book. I will post a review of my photo album ordered at Profotonet at a later date. Blurb albums look like a book and can be ordered by other people (when you say so on the Blurb web site).  Click here for an example of a Blurb photo album.

What have I learned of this course? For me it is: Look less at the technical stuff, have more attention to composition, detail, and the feeling you want to express with the photo. I also learned a lot from grouping the photos, and looking at the work of the other students. Thank you Ariane for teaching us!

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