05 March 2010

Taking multiple HDR exposures automatically

For HDR photography you need to to make several photos with different exposure settings to cover the total dynamic range of the scene.
There are several ways to make this task easier:
in-camera controls
Using the in-camera controls is the cheapest way. You can set the camera to Av (aperture) mode and dial in the required exposures. Combined with auto exposure bracketing (AEB) a series of photos can be made. The disadvantage is that you can move/shake the camera during the process.

laptop / netbook
You can connect the camera with a laptop / netbook and control the camera from there. Software like DSLR Remote Pro can auto bracket the exposure.

Promote Control
promote control small

A laptop can be somewhat large and unwieldy in the field. Promote Control is a specialized remote control for you camera. It has all the features like a regular remote control with some extra tricks. Normal remote controls can only release the shutter. Some more advances remote controls have a self timer, interval timer, long exposure timer, and an exposure count. Promote Control has all that + the ability to vary the exposure – ideal for HDR photography. This is a unique product. I have not seen anything else like this. Downside is the rather high price (approximate 300 USD). Take a look at a two review videos below.

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