09 March 2010

Waiting for TRON Legacy

I still remember the days when I was playing the game Light cycle on my BBC microcomputer. This game was based on a scene in the movie TRON.
In the movie a programmer named Kevin Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges) gets sucked into an arcade machine. He has to play all kinds of computer games while trying to get out. One of them is driving on a light cycle which leaves a wall behind. The object of the game is to crash your opponent into a wall.
Coming this December, about 28 years later, the story continues. Kevin’s son hears that something is happening in his father’s place. Jeff Bridges (now an Academy Award winner :-) will make a re-appearance. 
This week the official trailer for TRON: Legacy has been released (the video above).  I am planning to watch this movie because it reminds me of the good old science fiction movies of the eighties like TRON (a no-brainer) but also Blade Runner, War Games, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial and Firefox.

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