18 November 2009

Photos for EP - Part 2

I selected some photos for my 'Eigen Project' (own project). As a working theme I have 'contrast'. Examples: light/dark, young/old, short/tall, male/female. Another topic which could be a theme is something with architecture.

This is a staircase in Theatro Museum Dali. I walked past by, and returned to take this photo. What's special about this photo is that it looks like I have converted the photo into black and white. But this is not the case. The light and colours are exactly as what you would have seen when you were standing next to me.

This art piece is hanging in the lobby of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. I like the light and colour of it.

This is the restaurant on the ground floor of the Victoria & Albert Museum. The photo is an HDR image consisting of three photos: the normal exposure, the 2 stops below and 2 stops over normal exposure. This way you can see the detail in the glass, as well as the individual lights in the light ornament.

This is the view from the restaurant of the National Portrait Gallery, London (HDR image consisting of three photos).

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