19 November 2009

Fourth evening at the photography course - The rough patch

Second and final stop of the evening photo shoot was the location defined as "the rough patch of Amsterdam". Luckily it turned out to be not that bad. It was the Westerdokskade near the rail tracks.

Exposure details: 20 secs @ f8, 18mm, ISO 100

Same place, but with some light painting:

Exposure details: 30 secs @ f8, 18mm, ISO 100

Exposure details:15 secs @ f11, 20mm, ISO 100
Graffiti was light painted with a Fenix L2D LED flashlight.

Exposure details: 15 secs @ f8,ISO 100, 21mm

I made a second photo with double the exposure time

Exposure details: 30 secs @ f8,ISO 100, 21mm

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