04 November 2009

How to use Linkedin

 I have attended a workshop on how to optimally use LinkedIn. The workshop was given bij Vincent Smit. He explained that you can use Linkedin to draw attention to your profile and capabilities, rather than actively contacting people to ask if they need your skills or expertise. More and more people start using LinkedIn to look for employees, or find people who can solve a problem for them.

To make sure someone finds you in LinkedIn, you must configure LinkedIn correctly.

Some basic tips are:
  • Use your full name in LinkedIn.
    This way you are easier to find.
  • Put a profile picture on your profile where your face can be seen clearly and people will recognize you when they meet you in real life.
  • Change your LinkedIn URL into something more recognizable and memorable.
    The standard LinkedIn URL you get ends with a bunch of numbers. You can change it into something like http://www.linkedin.com/in/mchangsp
    This URL is easier to memorize. You can change your public URL in Account & Settings / Public Profile.
  • Visit your Public Profile and check if all items are visible which you want to share. It could be you have entered information, but have switched off visibility in Accounts & Settings...
  • Use an email signature like the one at the end of this article.
Vincent has many more tips on 'Word succesvol via LinkedIn' and on http://tinyurl.com/gratiszelfstudie (in Dutch only).

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