18 November 2009

Fourth evening at the photography course - Brouwersgracht

This evening we went for a photo shoot in the city to learn how to take photos in low light situations.
Technical details: pictures were made with Canon 50D, Canon 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM lens on a tripod and the RAW images were processed in DXO Optics Pro v6.
First stop: Brouwersgracht, Amsterdam.

Exposure details: 30 secs @ f11, ISO 100, 17mm.
I chose Tungsten white balance when converting to JPG.

Exposure details: 45 secs @ f11, ISO 100, 20mm.
I like the light trails left behind by the cars (and the circles of course).

Exposure details: 30 secs @ f8, ISO 100, 17mm

Exposure details: 20 secs @ f11, ISO 100, 49mm, Gorillapod, tungsten white balance selected during raw conversion.

After shooting these pictures, we went to the next stop: a more "rough patch" of Amsterdam. For pictures of this dangerous place see my upcoming blog post.

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