30 December 2009

Last Minute Tickets for Magritte Museum

Le Fils de L'homme

Since 2009 a new Magritte Museum has been opened in Brussels. We visited the museum, it gives a good overview of the early years of Magritte.

Purchasing your tickets in advance over the Internet is recommended. The museum is sold out regularly. But if you pass by the museum when tickets are still available, and you want to visit the collection I will share a little secret with you to beat the queues. Go to one of the cloakrooms of the museum and look for touch screen displays with an electronic payment terminal next to it. At the touch screen displays you can see which tickets are still available for that day (only a limited number of people may enter the museum per hour) and purchase them (Visa/Mastercard accepted). Inexplicably the museum does not mention this possibility on its web site.  I only found out about this because I asked a French speaking museum assistant if they have an Internet PC somewhere. He directed me to the touch screen displays.

When I visited the museum I saw the touch screen displays at the cloak rooms of the entrance Regentschapsstraat 1 and Koningsplein 1. The last entrance is for individual visitors with tickets. Why you can buy tickets at the cloakroom of this entrance, is a Belgian mystery…

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