26 December 2009

Handy Calendars for 2010

In preparation for 2010 I want to share two handy calendars with you. These calendars do not require batteries, a PDA or other electronic devices (-:


The first calendar is the small calendar.  With this handy calendar you can quickly determine on which day (Monday, Tuesday, etc..) a certain date falls. For instance, March 19 is a Friday. Read more about this calendar on Grafish Design’s Blog.

The second calendar is the compact calendar. This calendar is ideal when you want a whole year on one page, so you can quickly see things like “how many days are available, including weekends?” and “when are specific days like holidays?”. Many people use tools like Gantt charts or Microsoft Project. But these tools do not always give a good overview of a year. Read more about the compact calendar on the web site of the designer David Seah.

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