13 October 2009

My Custom Function settings on the Canon 50D

Here's how I have configured my 50D Custom Functions.
  • C.Fn I-5: 1 exposure bracketing sequence: -,0,+
    This sequence is easier when taking multiple photos for HDR processing on the computer.
    Note 090920: I am experimenting now with the default sequence of 0, -,+.
    The reason is that the - and the + photo can be an alternative over using all three pictures. Shooting the - and the + picture in order minimises the chance of ghosting.
  • C.Fn I-6: 1 Exposure Safety Shift: Enable
    With this enabled, the camera will change the shutter speed (in Tv mode) or aperture (in Av mode) in order to obtain a correct exposure.
  • C.Fn II-1:1 Long Exposure noise reduction: Auto
  • C.Fn III-2:2 Only external flash emits
    I don't like the light flashes which the internal flash emits to help the auto focus system.
  • C.Fn IV-1:2 Metering start/Meter+AF Start
  • C.Fn IV-2:1 AF-ON/AE lock button switch
    The functions of the AF-ON and * buttons are switched. * starts the auto focus system.
  • C.Fn IV-3:1 SET button set to Image Quality
  • C.Fn IV-5:1 Ef-D focusing screen
    I use the Ef-D focusing screen. This focusing screen has horizontal and vertical lines wich help me to get straight horizons and straight vertical buildings on the photo.
  • C.Fn IV-7:3 Assign FUNC. button Exposure comp/AEB setting
All other C.Fn settings are set to their factory defaults

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