10 October 2009

My Canon 50D settings

Canon DSLR's can be configured in various ways, depending on how you like to work with the camera.
I do a lot of architecture, HDR and wedding photography. This has influenced the way my camera is configured.
Here are my default settings on the 50D before putting it away (based on firmware version 1.0.7):
  • Program dial: P or Av
    I use P or Av mode so I don't have to fiddle with buttons before a quick shot. Just take the camera, switch on, focus and press the shutter button!
  • ISO: 200 or Auto
    200 for low noise pictures, or Auto so the 50D helps me to maintain a fast enough shutter speed.
  • White Balance: AWB
  • Quality: RAW + JPEG Large Fine
    I shoot RAW in case the picture needs corrections. RAW gives you more possibilities than JPEG.
  • AF Mode: AI Servo
    The 50D will keep on auto focusing as long as I press on the * button. See my upcoming post on C.Fn IV-2:1 AF-ON/AE lock button switch why I do this.
  • Drive mode: single shot
  • Beep off
    Don't annoy your surroundings with beeping noises. Your camera shutter makes enough sound!
  • Shoot w/o card off
    Highly recommended! To prevent you think your are shooting pictures on a card, when you are not.
  • Peripheral illumin. correct. Enable
  • Color Space sRGB
  • Picture Style Standard
  • Highlight enable
    The ' blinkies' warn me which parts of the photo are over exposed.
  • AF Point disable
  • Histogram RGB
  • Image jump w/ Screen
  • Auto Power Off 4 min.
  • Auto rotate
  • INFO. button Camera set.
  • Aperture: f4
I have also various Custom Functions settings which differ from the defaults. I will explain them in an upcoming post.

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