06 October 2009

Light - Science & Magic

One of the upcoming topics on the photo course will be how to handle contrast and light in a photo. I guess I have to brush up on my theory and re-read the book "Light - Science & Magic". This book is the classic text on photographic lighting. It covers almost everything you have to know about light:
  • What is light?
  • What is reflection and how do you handle it?
  • Everything you need to know about surfaces
  • How to reveal shape and contour
  • How to photograph metal and glass
  • Various lighting setups (basic, fill, hair, ...)
  • Extremes - contrast handling
  • Strobe lights
I especially liked the tricks on how to take photos of glass. Glass by itself is transparent and is not always clear to see. The book explains how to photograph glass against a black background. This is also known as dark-field lighting.

Recommended reading!

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