23 August 2011

The Information Portal to European Sites of Remembrance

The 'Information Portal to European Sites of Remembrance' has recently been opened and gives a good overview of museums and memorials which have information on the victims of the Second World War and the Holocaust.

The information portal gives an overview of some of the museums located in the Netherlands dedicated to World War II. As you may remember I visited the Verzetsmuseum (Dutch Resistance Museum) during Wikilovesart. The people from the information portal noticed this and requested permission to use the photos on their web site. I gave them permission under the Creative Commons License (of course!). At the moment the following photos are used:

  • 'Poster of the Dutch National Socialists in the exhibition' on the 'Introduction' page of the Dutch Resistance Museum
  • 'Resistance Museum in the Plancius building' on the Victims page
  • 'Printing-press' and 'View onf the exhibition' on the 'Remembrance' page
You can download a PDF version of the pages here.

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