05 February 2011

Konglish in South Korea

During my trip in South Korea I encountered some funny usage of the English language. This is called Konglish.
How not to lose your items (seen on a luggage cart)
“To prevent losing your belongings, please do not put your personal items on a shelf. We apologize for any convenience”
Written on an airport luggage cart.

Keep out this room except for the responsible staff
“Please, Keep out this room except for the responsible staff because it is the area preparing for housekeeping the rooms”
Sign placed outside a housekeeping room in a hotel in Seoul

Present Food Coupon, Exchangs Spoon
“Present Food Coupon, Exchange Spoon”
Instructions in a restaurant

What to do with inconvenience items
“If you have any inconvenience items, Please call near Staff”
Found on the wall in a toilet

Description of the tree
“Description of the tree is available under or next to a tree. Will be reading a lot of help”
In a Bonsai park

Have a feeling fine day
“Have a feeling fine day”
In a train station

Please don't go up
“Please don’t go up”
Sign on a hill of a Bonsai park

Moving Forward
“Moving Forward”
Sign explaining the route through a Bonsai park

We love having you here.
“We love having you here”
We are glad we are here too.

South Korea Toilet Instruction
South Korea Seoul Toilet Instruction. No English text here, but still very funny.


  1. Your blog is interesting. I had the great pleasure of visiting him.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Best wishes

  2. This a great Marc! Love the Konglish. Gimme some of that food, forget the high-tech loo...after so much Kimchi, you don't want to have to think, just do!