10 February 2011

Flying to Seoul and Jeju-do, South Korea

This year started good with a Finnair flight Amsterdam – Helsinki – Seoul. It was the first time I flew with Finnair and it was a very pleasant experience. The crew was friendly, modern airplanes and the Helsinki Airport was small and easy to move around.

Finnair entertainment system booting

The Finnair entertainment system apparently uses Linux as its operating system.


During the flight you can select the view from a forward camera, or a downward camera. This was the first time I could see a take off and landing just like the pilot sees it!


We approached Seoul from the north west. You can see the island of Jeju-do (or Cheju) further down south.


Arrival at Incheon Airport

Getting around the airport is easy. All signs are also in English and many of the younger Korean people like to talk English.


Welcome to Seoul!

Seoul was actually just a stopover. We arrived in the morning at Incheon Airport, took a train to Gimp Airport and boarded a Jinair flight to Jeju-do. The entire trip took about 24 hours…

110102-104918_ 7454_50D

Train station near Incheon Airport

Before we boarded the plain to Jeju-do we ate some lunch

 110102-120828_ 7466_50D

Example dishes at Jeju-do Airport


My first Korean food at Gimp Airport

At Jeju-do we ate one the local specialties: Okdomi

It is a ubiquitous and tasty a local fish that is semi-dried before grilled and has a gourmet taste.

110102-182055_ 7481_50D 

Korean Coca Cola

Standard Soputh Korean side dishes

Standard South Korean side dishes: kimchi, bean sprouts, spinach, and other stuff


Outside the restaurant: preparing cabbage for kimchi


Cabbage for kimchi


We ate the fish at the Bada Yechan Restaurant in Jeju-do.


  1. Did the cola taste different? I wondered, because the difference between colas all over the world may be caused by the taste of the local water used to produce the cola. Also, in the US they use high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar. And Mexican cola has cane sugar.

  2. Marc you are so detailed. I feel like I'm traveling along with you.
    24hr flight is a little much for me : (
    Your photos are lovely.
    Peggy Ng