23 August 2010

Sail 2010 Amsterdam

This year I attended the first day of Sail 2010, the largest free event in the Netherlands. A large fleet of Tall ships, sailing heritage craft and other ships dock in the harbour of Amsterdam. I found it too crowded, and decided to visit the event later that night.
From the new Amsterdam Public Library you could see some ships.
100819-165506_ 4814_50D

We had dinner in Restaurant Looks.
Restaurant Looks Amsterdam

In the evening I caught a glimpse of the fireworks.
Vuurwerk / Fireworks Sail 2010 Muziekgebouw aan het IJ

And finally I saw some ships.
100819-224037_ 4898_50D_DxO

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  1. Die foto van het vuurwerk is mooi zeg! De anderen ook overigens :)