08 April 2010

Trajectum Lumen

Utrecht wereldbol RGB
Just opened in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands: Trajectum Lumen – A Utrecht Tale of Light.
Trajectum Lumen is an exploration route through Utrecht passing a number of light installations which illuminate historical locations. These light artworks shine a new light on the old buildings :-)
Opened on 7 April 2010, this free exposition will continue until 2018. The exposition starts with 18 light artworks. There will be 25 in total when everything is finished. The ambition of Utrecht is to become the cultural capital city of Europe in 2018.
The artworks will be switched on from dusk until midnight. I am planning to see the artworks by myself (I wonder what HDR photography will do here).  If you want to know when dusk starts in Utrecht – use the application TPE to determine this. I have written about this in an earlier post.
Meanwhile, take a look at the video below and the photos from the press kit.



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