16 April 2010

No-fly Zone The Netherlands

Thursday 15 April 2010 turned out to be a very special day. The evening before a volcano eruption in Iceland released large amounts of ash particles in the upper atmosphere. The wind patterns dispersed the ash clouds over large parts of the UK, Ireland, Norway, the Netherlands and other countries. Late Thursday large parts of the European air space were declared a no-fly zone. This was the first time in history a specific warning for volcanic ash (Volcanic Ash SIGMET) was given in The Netherlands.

At this moment the air space is expected to be closed until Saturday, 6:00. The situation will then be reviewed.

The Royal Meteorological Institute (KMNI) predicted a special red sunset for Thursday because the ash particles in the atmosphere disperses the sunlight. So, that day, before I joined the IJburg Night Safari, I made photos of the sunset at Zeeburg, Amsterdam:

Sunset Amsterdam IJburg
Red Sunset at Amsterdam Zeeburg

Moments later, the red light faded away:

Sunset Amsterdam IJburg
Sunset at Amsterdam Zeeburg


  1. Wow, you've captured those colors in the sky very nicely. The colors are one advantage of the ash in the sky, plus no airplanes in your photo!