06 January 2010

How I track my visitors

At the time of this writing I am using several techniques to track the visitors of my blog.
Visitors of the web site
Web site visitors are tracked using several methods:
  • Google Analytics
  • FEEDJIT real time traffic feed
  • Feedburner
Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the gold standard of web site tracking. I use the Asynchronous Tracking code. This code has the advantage that page loading is not slowed down significantly. In the Google dashboard I can see how many users have visited which blog pages by day/week/month/year.

FEEDJIT real time traffic feed
This widget analyzes the IP address of the web site visitor and ‘guesses’ where in the world the visitor is located. A live traffic feed shows you a real-time overview of how users came to your site (direct, through Google searches, or other references). I like this widget a lot. It showed me that a lot of visitors search in Google on ‘Spandau Ballet Live DVD’ and end up on my site. Or when you search in Google for ‘aquapac tz7’ my blog is the first hit (-:

Email and RSS subscribers
I follow Email and RSS subscribers through Feedburner. Email and RSS subscription administration is handled by this web site so I can see which users have an email subscription and get an estimation on how many RSS feed requests are done each day.

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