07 January 2010

Gloves for photographers

The freezing weather makes it very challenging to photograph outside. When you don’t wear gloves you hands get very cold due to the wind and the cold camera. Wearing the wrong gloves inhibits you from operating your camera buttons, or let the camera fall out of your hands because the gloves are too slippery.
I have always used the Lowepro Photo gloves (photo courtesy of Lowepro). While they are good for chilly weather, they do not give protection against wind. The back of your hands get cold quickly when the wind is blowing.

For the current windy conditions I have switched to the Extremities Windstopper Velo gloves (photo courtesy of Terra Nova). These gloves contain the lightweight Windstopper fabric which keeps the cold wind outside. At the inside there are small rubber dots which ensure a good grip on your camera body. They are also very handy to wear while driving a car.

When it is very cold or the Velo gloves are not enough, I am wearing gloves from Ziener. These gloves are for the heavy duty work like digging your car out of the snow.  Thanks to the Gore-Tex layer my hands stay dry while handling the snow and the insulation keeps out the cold.

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  1. Hi Marc, I use Lowepros as well and on top of it a windstopper. Some unknown brand of gloves, as long as they are keeping the wind out and well insulated. As I have a Roundshot 220 VR panoramic camera and need to change film now and then it is impossible to do it with the big gloves. So I put these of, still having the Lowepros on and inside the Lowepros I have little bags of Heatmax called Hothands-2 (www.heatmax.com)inside the gloves at the palm of my hands. They just give the extra time I needed and after putting on the overgloves again your hands warm up fast again. I bought and used them in Alaska in 2006. (http://www.panoramaworld.eu/Alaska/index.htm) I still use them in the Netherlands sparesly and next time I am in the States I will buy them again. They are a great relieve and extend the period you are practically unprotected.

    Happy icecold panorama shooting,

    J@N van der Woning, VRtist