18 January 2011


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Fira is the capital of the island of Santorini. It is built on the edge of a cliff 260 meters above sea level.

Naxos - Fira  Boulevard

Fira gets very crowded when cruise ships arrive, and all the tourists walk through the narrow streets. They have to be back at the cruise ship around 22 hours. So it is best to visit Fira early, when it is relatively quiet and the sun is not too harsh.

There are stairs leading from Fira down to the sea.

Naxos - Fira
Last steps of the stairs near Fira. Note they are numbered.

You can also take a donkey!

Naxos - Fira 
Donkeys on the steps of Fira

Naxos - Fira 
Fira during daytime

Fira is known for its magnificent sunsets
Naxos - Fira 
Sunset seen from Fira

Naxos - Fira 
Outlook over Fira

 Naxos - Fira A few moments later

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