30 December 2010

A Tribute to Kodachrome: The Best Slide Film 1935-2010

Today (30 December 2010) is a sad day in photographic history. Kodachrome is no more.

Kodachrome is a colour reversal film and considered to have one of the finest grain and colour rendition. Simon and Garfunkel wrote a song about it. There is even a Kodachrome Basin State Park.

Kodachrome film requires special chemicals only made by Kodak. Kodak stopped making these chemicals in 2009.  Dwayne’s Photo (the only shop in the world which has the last machine capable of processing Kodachrome) then determined that 30 December 2010 is the very last day that Kodachrome film will be processed. After this day the machine will be dismantled and sold as scrap.

Here is a tribute to the film which was used to make many iconic photos in photographic history.

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