02 October 2010

Delphi Archeological Museum

We arrived in Delphi after a 45 minute drive from the monastery of Hosios Loukas. After checking into the Pan - Artemis hotel we enjoyed the view from our hotel room.
View from Hotel Pan room

You have to buy separate tickets for the Delphi Archeological Museum and the archeological site. Since we would stay only one night at Delphi we decided to visit the museum today and the site the next morning. Luckily you can buy a combined ticket for the museum and the site, and use the tickets on different days.
The museum has a nice collection:
Delphi Archelogical Museum

100904-170305_ 5522_50D
Kleobis and Biton (yes, they are Kouroi)

Delphi Archelogical Museum
Fragments of an Ionian silver-plated bull of the mid 6th century BCE, the largest example from antiquity of a statue made out of precious metal.

Delphi Archelogical Museum
Naxian Sphinx

Delphi Archelogical Museum - Acanthus column with dancers 
Acanthus column of the dancers

 Delphi Archelogical Museum - Acanthus column with dancers
Detail of one of the dancers

The most beautiful item is of course the Charioteer of Delphi. More about him in an upcoming post!

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