13 June 2010

My MOO Business Cards Review


Recently I received my MOO business cards. Several persons asked me what they looked like, so I decided to write a small review here.

MOO (www.moo.com) is an Internet printing company where you can order various printed products like business cards. The cards are printed in full colour on high-quality paper on both sides, from as little as 50 cards at a time. The interesting part is that each card can have a different image on the front of the card. MOO calls this ‘Printfinity’. You can upload the different images to www.moo.com, or select them from Flickr.

I decided to print some personal business cards and selected 10 images from my own Flickr images. I designed the back of the business card using the Photoshop template which can be downloaded on the MOO web site and ordered a 50 card pack on  MOO Classic paper (350 gsm, sustainably sourced, matte laminated) from their European Store. About 12 days later I received my order. The business cards are sent in a nice little black box as you can see on the first image of this post.


The inside of the box looks like this:


Besides the business cards (about 10 business cards are already removed in this photo) you get two tab pages called ‘MINE’ and ‘THEIRS’. On another card a ‘Buzzword Challenge’ game is explained, and a discount code is displayed which you can give to friends.

moo buzz 1 moo buzz 2

When you order your first pack of 50 Business Cards, enter the code G2MSCG at the checkout of MOO to receive a 15% discount (tell MOO you got the discount from this web page :-) !

I selected 10 images so in my 50 Business Cards pack there are 5 cards of each image.


Print quality of the cards is very good. The colours are exactly as if they are printed on photo paper. The cards are nicely cut with straight edges. I can recommend MOO without hesitation to print your own business cards.

If you want to know how the back of my business card looks like (eg what is that big black and white square doing on my card), please contact me. You might even get to choose one of my personal business cards!

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