23 November 2010

Compact Calendars for 2011


David Seah has released his 2011 versions of the Compact Calendar. I have written about the usage of these handy calendars in an earlier blog post.

You can download my Dutch versions of the Compact Calendar 2011 on http://www.changspace.com/CompactCalendar2011/CompactCalendar2011NL.zip

Many thanks to David Seah for creating these handy calendars!


David Seah heeft de Compact Calendars voor 2011 uitgebracht. Ik heb reeds geschreven over deze handige kalenders in deze blog post.

Mijn Nederlandse versies van de Compact Calendar 2011 kan je downloaden vanaf http://www.changspace.com/CompactCalendar2011/CompactCalendar2011NL.zip

David: hartelijk bedankt voor het maken van deze kalenders!

16 November 2010

Eating Trout at Restaurant Neromylos, Greece

Near the villages of Kastraki, Meteora and Dhavia there is a special restaurant named Neromylos. You have to drive towards Dhavia, over the bridge and look for signs which direct you to the restaurant. It is best to drive before the sun sets!

The restaurant is well known for its trout which they breed by themselves in large ponds at the back of the restaurant. The waiter was so kind to give us a tour of the facility.

Dhiava - Restaurant Neromylos

The breeding area is very old. Water comes from a spring up the hill and cascades over the various basins. The youngest fish are in the upper basins. After a few weeks they are put in the lower basins. The oldest fish swim in the lower basin.

Dhiava - Restaurant Neromylos

Of course the entire breeding area is fenced off to keep out birds and other animals.

Dhiava - Restaurant Neromylos

Fresh trout

Dhiava - Restaurant Neromylos

Fresh trout

Dhiava - Restaurant Neromylos

Outside the basins

After the tour, we ordered their signature dish: trout! It was delicious!

Diava - Restaurant Neromylos

Driving from Delphi to Meteora

After our visit to Delphi (A), we drove to Kastraki (B). Kastraki is a little village near Meteora – our next stop. The trip was about 314 km and took about 6 hours. We drove over the toll routes and skipped the scenic route. This way we avoided the Greek style of driving on the smaller roads, and we were sure we would arrive on time.
We stayed at Doupiani House which has a wonderful view of the rock towers of Meteora.

View rock towers of Meteora from Doupiani House
View of the rock towers of Meteora from Doupiani House

Doupiani House
Doupiani House