29 September 2009

Natural History Museum

081208-102613_ 0011_350D_DxO_raw
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This is one of the most beautiful museum entrance halls I have seen!

081208-102613_ 0011_350D_DxO_raw

27 September 2009


Just configured a feedburner account for my blog. Let's see how this works...

24 September 2009

Big Evernote Beta Release

Evernote has released a shiny new version of their Windows client. Go get it!

How to delete Outlook's auto-complete suggestions

I like the way Microsoft Outlook gives suggestions for mail addresses. However, once a while people request me not to use their old email address. Outlook keeps suggesting these old email addresss. Now how can you get rid of those faulty suggestions? Easy!
When you see an email address you do not like use the up or down arrow keys to highlight it, and then press delete.

I keep forgetting this all the time. So, here it is. Hopefully I remember to search my blog when I need his information...

La Lonja de la Seda

On our trip to Valencia we visited La Lonja de la Seda. It is a late Gothic style building. One of the highlights is a trading hall called Hall of Columns.
We made sure we were there just before they opened. The panorama is taken 10 minutes after the hall opened. The hall is nice and empty and you can see the other tourists in the background.
Make sure you click on the full screen button in the panorama viewer to view the panorama full screen and zoom in on the detailed markings on the columns.
Click here to see the panorama.

Question: Who is the cute girl sitting in the window on the right of the panorama?

23 September 2009

B&H Photo Video

Next time I am in New York, I will certainly visit B&H Photo Video again.
Even Ken Rockwell came by!


Yesterday I visited the Lambertuskerk to attend a wedding. The church has just been restored, so the interior was blinding white. Outside the sun was shining and the light was coming in through those wonderful big windows.
How to make a picture of this?
Thanks to the wonders of digital photography this picture shows all the details of the people below, and the wonderful colours of the windows. (Hint: it is spelled HDR)
Many thanks to Andrew and Sandra for choosing such a wonderful location!

18 September 2009

Paper Airplane holding the world record

One of these days, I must learn how to fold this world record holding paper airplane.

My first assignments for the advanced photography course

Yesterday I got the confirmation I have a seat in the advanced photography course. They requested us to do the following:
  1. take along one picture which you use to introduce yourself to the teacher and fellow students.
  2. take along one picture to explain what you want to learn or be able to do after the course.
  3. prepare a topic which you can use during the photography course.
Now, which pictures will I take along?

17 September 2009

Panorama of Chania, Kreta

This is one of my earliest panoramas. It is made with a Canon G3 in landscape.

15 September 2009

Swimming with Sharks!

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This was one of the most exciting moments of our holiday: Swimming with real life sharks!
The tips of these sharks are used in Chinese shark fin soup. A good thing these sharks don't know that...

Intercontinental Thalasso | Bora Bora Water Bungalow

Intercontinental Thalasso | Bora Bora
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A mirror image of our own water bungalow!

Times Square at Night

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I submitted this photo for the Avro fotowedstrijd.

Large Panorama of Amsterdam Dam Square

Another assignment on the panorama crash course was to make a panorama in a busy environment - Dam Square!
Even though the pigeons were trying to ruin the panorama, the pictures turned out quite good. Click here to view the interactive panorama.

dam ice v2

A Really Nice and Large Panorama of the Amsterdam Fietsflat

During a crash course in panorama photography we got an assignment to make a panorama of the view on top of the Amsterdam fietsflat. It is a tricky place to take panorama pictures, because the deck plates move up and down when someone walks over them!
Click here to see the interactive panorama.

When you look closely in the panorama, you will see some strange things!

Impressive view of Manava Suite Resort Tahiti Pool (Panorama)

The Manava Suite Resort Tahiti opened its doors in 2008.
Among its hidden secrets is the largest infinity pool of French Polynesia, and the breathtaking view of Moorea. Click here for an interactive panorama.

Manava Suite Resort Tahiti Infinity Pool

Using a GPS during a flight

More and more airlines are allowing to use a GPS during a cruise.
This means I can plot my flights as well as my trips on the ground.
More info: http://www.gpsinformation.net/airgps/airgps.htm

Linking Blogspot and Facebook

Learning how to link my blog to Facebook...

Air Tahiti Nui plane

090831-213905_ 0502_DMC-TZ7
090831-213905_ 0502_DMC-TZ7
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One of the wonderful Air Tahiti Nui planes we flew it. It has much more leg room than a KLM plane.

Publishing my panoramas

Huis Sonneveld Zitkamer / Living Room

I won a price with the panorama above in the Dutch wiki loves art/NL competition. The photo has been released to the Wikimedia Commons.

Publishing my panoramas on Flickr is not satisfactory because the panorama is scaled down. This is an experiment with Zoomify to publish interactive panoramas.


A replacement for my bounce card

I am using a rubber band with a bounce card to soften my flash pictures (thank you A Better Bounce Card).
Now I found this product: the Demb Flip-it.
The advantage of both products compared to a sheet of A4 is that the bounce card will stay up. My A4 gets crumbled in the bag and will not stay upright after that.
The big question is: which one is more suitable for me?

Zoomify Express

I am evaluating to use Zoomify Express to put my panoramas on the web.
The free version works like a charm. The cheapest paid version Zoomify Express offers full screen browsing through your panorama!

Waiting for confirmation

I have sent in my application for the advanced photo course and I am waiting for the confirmation.

13 September 2009

Photography lessons at fotogram.nl

Tomorrow, monday I will know if I can follow the advanced photography course at fotogram.nl (http://www.fotogram.nl/vervolgfotografie.asp)